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Online Articles from the Following Tours and Shows...

PLSN-LD Profile-Oct-2003

Martin Lights-KISS/Aerosmith-USA Tour-2003

High End Systems-KISS Japan & Australia-2003
High End Systems-KISS-Lane Bryant-2002
High End Systems-Trans Siberian Orchestra-2002
High End Systems-Slayer Tour 2002
High End Systems-Trans Siberian Orchestra-2001
High End Systems-KISS-Farewell Tour-2001
High End Systems-Trans Siberian Orchestra-2000

Past and Present Published Articles from "Lighting Dimensions" Magazine

Lighting Dimensions-1996-KISS Reunion Tour
Lighting Dimensions-2000-KISS Farewell Tour
Lighting Dimensions-1993-Megadeth Countdown Tour
Lighting Dimensions-1996-Trisha Yearwood-Christmas Tour
Lighting Dimensions-1995-KISS Kiss My ass Tour
Lighting Dimensions-2002 Slayer Tour
Lighting Dimensions Online 2002 Trans Siberian Orchestra
Lighting Dimensions-2002 Spring Fashion Show

Past and Present Published Articles from "Connections" Magazine

Connections-2001-KISS Australian Farewell Tour
Connections-1997-KISS Australian Reunion Tour
Connections-1995-KISS Australian Kiss my ass Tour

Past Published Article from "Professional Lighting" Magazine

Professional Lighting-1999-KISS Canadian Psycho Circus Tour


Links around the World Wide Web that are worth a visit..

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wybron Color Changers
Slayer Online
Evil Entertainment
Bandit Lites
Cracked Actor Publishing
Perris Records
Professional Lighting Magazine
Lighting Dimensions
Entertainment Design Magazine
High End Systems
Martin Professional Lights
Gillis Programming Systems
The House of Blue Lights


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