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Trans Siberian Orchestra 2002 Tour

Trans Siberian Orchestra 2002 Tour


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Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour 2002

Elliot Saltzman: Tour Director
Bryan Hartley Lighting Designer and Programmer
Martin Ruff-Crew Chief
Joe Yanulevich-Dimmers
Derek Noble-Automation
Zack Lawson-Laser Fantasy

Once again a very successful tour and a lot of fun had by everyone. The crowd response was great. The addition of the lasers was great. I ran them thru the Hog via Midi.
Want to say thanks to Elliot Saltzman who put these tours together every year and makes sure everyone is taken care of…you’re the BEST!!!!
Also thank my Lighting Crew, Martin Joe and Derek. Nice job guys see ya next year.
Thanks Craig Redden from Q1 Technologies, the gear worked great!!!! Go High End!!!.
I must say that Next years Tour will be incredible and have some Special surprises.


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Special Guest: Joan Jett




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